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Reasons Why Far Cry 6 Release Date Is Getting More Popular

Far Cry 6 predicted what the stage would be and what the story would be!

Looking at the recourses  leaked outside the Ubisoft company, the clearest forecast of  Far Cry 6 Release Date is March 21, 2021.

I have cleared Far Cry 5, so this time I would like to predict what kind of story would be if Far Cry 6 will be released and what the stage will be.

This article is based on the assumption that you know the story of Far Cry 5, so there is a spoiler. If you haven’t cleared it yet, come back now if you’re reading this article.

Let’s predict.

The latest release of the most popular Open World FPS series “Far Cry 5” will be released in Japan on March 1, 2018, but Ubisoft has established the new “Far Cry” in Berlin Studio newly established in Germany. Was announced on the official blog that he will participate in the development.

Berlin Studio Participates in New “Far Cry”

The newly established Berlin Studio is in charge of developing the new “Far Cry” with “Ubisoft Blue Byte” based in Dusseldorf, Germany. “Ubisoft Blue Byte” is a studio that was acquired by ubsoft in 2001, and started the “Anno” series of strategy games, and participated in the production of “For Honor” and ” Rainbow Six Siege “.

 Far Cry 6 Release Date? Spin off?

The details of “Far Cry” that Berlin Studio deals with have not been revealed, but if you predict from the order of release of the series in the recent years, the next stage is not a numbering title but a surprising stage of the Stone Age of 10,000 BC “Far It is said that there is a high possibility that it will be a spin-off work like “Cry Primal”.

What kind of epoch will the new German title “Far Cry” be like? I would like to pay attention to the new information that is expected to be announced after 2018.

Where is Far Cry 6?

First of all, in the game stage, Far Cry 5 was Montana. I think that the next work, 6 will not be a continuous cast in Montana.

Far Cry 3 was Luke Island, Far Cry 4 was Kirat, and Far Cry 5 was Montana, so I think it will change every time. I don’t know if it’s set on a fictional island or if real place names are used.

However, it is expected that Montana will be used as it is. However, the world is a world devastated by nuclear weapons. A nuclear explosion will occur at the end of the ending that resists the father.

After that, it will be only the father and the main character, but I think that the world after the nuclear ending may be the stage. Somehow it’s similar to fallout (laughs)

As expected, we will not use the same map as it is, so it is set in a town other than Hope County after the nuclear devastation.

What kind of story will it be released in  Far Cry 6 Release Date?

I don’t know the main story when it’s moved to a completely new land, but I will say that it was the world after the devastation. After all, I haven’t been able to beat the father with Far Cry 5, so I think the goal is to beat the father. I couldn’t beat Paganmin when I was in Far Cry 4. After all, it is not refreshing for the player to be able to defeat it.

However, how to set the world after the devastation as the stage of the game is important, but what about the hero who survived with the father? The father says that he is a “child,” but I hate if the main character of Far Cry 5 becomes the next enemy 

Even if we set up a new cult with Father, we are looking for an opportunity to defeat Father …

It’s a little difficult if Far Cry 5’s main character is trying to become 6 even if it’s a main character. This hero is also likely to become an enemy. The face has also been decided by myself, so I think I can treat it as the last boss.

I don’t think a father will take over the boss of the next work.

Will Far Cry 5’s protagonist become Far Cry 6’s last boss?

It seems that the hero of this work has defeated the father by the next work, launched a new organization, and the new hero defeats the former hero who went in a strange direction. The matter of defeating the father was made into a digest.

We anticipate that the former protagonist will be transformed from justice into evil by incorporating the people who barely survive in the devastated world.

One of the investigative teams sent from there to become the protagonist and defeat the former protagonist’s organization.

I tried to predict with this feeling, but I feel that it will be a completely different story. There was no need for fathers anymore (laughs) I want to beat the fathers as a player, but I also feel that I don’t want to have two of the same enemy in a row.

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