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Most addicting iPhone games and everything you need to know

Carefully selected interesting Most addicting iPhone games

We have carefully selected only smartphone game apps that we can truly recommend. From simple touch games to sound games, PRG, shooting, puzzles, etc., we have picked up interesting things regardless of genre.
Most apps can also be played on tablets such as the iPad. Please refer to it.

Free but interesting game app

daisanngokusi  Romance of the Three Kingdoms


It is a merciless game app that trains military commanders and steals the land of other players in a huge field. Born in China, it seems that it is now being played worldwide.

It’s common to build facilities and train military commanders, but what makes this smartphone game interesting is the alliance system. If you enter the wrong alliance, you will be killed by Kotenpan and deprived of your territory and resources.

Alliances are colliding with each other everywhere, and you will be playing with a sweat in your hand while playing a simulation game.

Most addicting iPhone games : Genshin



A new generation Most addicting iPhone games open world type action RPG presented by miHoYo! Let’s explore the vast land “Taiwat”!


” Genshin ” is an action RPG presented by miHoYo that fights with new generation open world type friends .

You need to be careful about your physical strength (stamina), but you can freely explore the field by climbing mountains and trees, swimming in the sea and rivers, and so on .

Become a traveler and explore the vast fantasy world of “Taiwat” .

The beautiful world of real-time drawing changes day and night, and the splendid performances by the London Philharmonic Orchestra and the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra add to the atmosphere.

Find the separated brothers and sisters and solve the mystery of  Genshin  with your unique friends !



Most addicting iPhone games Royal road RPG


 Royal road RPG

A royal road RPG where you can raise characters and challenge dungeons where strong enemies gather, or defeat large dragons at multiple parties. What makes this game different is that all characters are available for free. The secret to strengthening your thinking about equipment and team composition. You can play a lot without paying.

Puzzle & Dragons

Puzzle & Dragons

Released in the early days of Most addicting iPhone games in 2012, it is a must-have for talking about classic games that many players are still playing. Align and erase 3 drops of the same color. A puzzle RPG with an exquisite balance between ability elements and luck elements that improve as you practice.

Dancing Line Dancing Line


Dancing Line

When I started playing, I was more addicted to it than I had imagined. The operation method is extremely easy. Just tap the screen to turn around so you don’t hit any obstacles .

The best feature of this game is that if you tap the screen rhythmically according to the music, you can proceed well. In other words, it is also a music game that requires a sense of rhythm.

The music is beautiful and the graphics are beautiful. Recommended for killing time.

Amnesia in the sky:Most addicting iPhone games

Amnesia in the sky


A royal road RPG where you can enjoy turn-based battles, hero participation & avatar equipment, and guild battles with up to 10 participants!

“Amnesia in the Sky” is a beautiful girl fantasy RPG that saves the world from “natural disasters” .

Adopted turn-based battle , hero participation & avatar equipment, guild battle with up to 10 participants!

Get and train beautiful girl heroes with unique skills and go on an adventure.

Lineage 2 Revolution

Most addicting iPhone games Online RPGs, which used to be very popular on PCs, are back on smartphones! It is natural that you will get stronger if you pay, but you can get stronger if you take the time even if you do not pay. However, be aware that if you overdo it, your smartphone will get hot.

Fate / Grand Order


Fate Grand Order

RPG of TYPE-MOON’s popular series “Fate”. Many successive & new servants participate in the war. There are also many different classes and alternated servants. Furthermore, a heavy scenario by Kinoko Nasu is alive and well.

Guardians icon Guardians



It is a full-scale royal road game that is highly recommended as a smartphone MMORPG. ” I want to do in the smartphone the RPG game that can also battle to move the characters on their own especially recommended for people who”. The graphics and music are also undisputed beauty. Move the map and tap to attack monsters to get experience points and items. We will enhance the equipment and acquire skills.

Characters can be changed from standard swordfighters to wizards, and you can set your own appearance, hairstyle and color. You can play alone, or you can collaborate with your friends to participate in quests to defeat powerful monsters. Weapons are abundant and there are no replay elements.

If you’re free and want to play some kind of mobile game, you can definitely download it .



Successive FF characters have appeared, and you can enjoy while looking back on nostalgic famous scenes. If you like FF, you will definitely be addicted to the nostalgia of music and pixel art!

Iron throne Iron Throne


Iron Throne

It is a game where you become a lord, raise an army in your own territory, organize that army, and fight against enemies. The graphics are also pretty beautiful. Since there are multiple types of soldiers, the point of battle is how to organize and deploy the army . The battle is basically auto, but you can also use magic to drop the meteo and defeat the enemy directly yourself.

Heroes (soldier leaders) have various abilities, various equipments, and a wide range of ways to upgrade their territories. There are a lot of elements to play with, so once you get hooked, you can play for a long time. The tutorial is also very kind, so it does not mean “I do not know what to do”, so it is also recommended for beginners.

Pokémon Masters


An RPG featuring all the trainers of the “Pokemon” series such as Takeshi and Kasumi. The feature of this work is that the trainer and Pokemon form a buddy with one person. The special move “Buddy’s Move” that the trainer and Pokemon unleash together is a must-see.





It is a game where you become a bird and fly in the sky at high speed while attracting a flock . By tilting your smartphone up, down, left and right, you can avoid obstacles. As you approach a flock of resting birds, they will join the flock and fly even faster.

The feeling of running is wonderful, and you can feel the feeling of flying in the sky (although your arms get tired …). Even the free version has no ads and is recommended because you can fully enjoy it.

Makai Senki Disgaea RPG 


The RPG series “Makai Senki Disgaea”, which sells “the worst replay in history”, is now available as a smartphone RPG!

It has become a command battle RPG instead of SRPG, but it is firmly equipped with familiar elements of the series such as functions such as lifting & throwing, large damage by orders of magnitude.

Inflation tends to be a problem in the smartphone game industry, but inflation is the real thrill of this work! Please enjoy the disgaea world that has penetrated.

Most addicting iPhone games Dragon Raja


Dragon Raja

Dragon Raja is a popular MMORPG game now. The graphics are beautiful and the map freedom is very high.

If you continue, you will be able to interact with other players through teacher-apprentice relationships and circles. The early stages are very easy to proceed, but there are some hidden quests that are difficult, so it is a feature that you can do it firmly.

walking dead  The Walking Dead: Road to Survival


The Walking Dead of the famous overseas drama. It is a smartphone game where you can enjoy the story written by the original author. Fight against zombies “walkers” and hostile humans for survival.

The battle is turn-based, and it is simple and easy to understand, such as attacking with a tap. There are plenty of equipment and characters to be team members, so there are perfect replay elements.

It’s also interesting that the story changes depending on the choice of dialogue in the conversation. It is a game that both original fans and non-fans can enjoy.

Black Desert MOBILE


A Most addicting iPhone games app version of “Black Desert” that is popular on PCs. You can enjoy a free adventure in a beautiful world that is comparable to “Lineage 2 Revolution” and is outstanding even in smartphone games. Character makeup that allows you to freely adjust the skeleton is also attractive.

Smash Hit Smash Hit: Most addicting iPhone games


Smash Hit

It’s a very interesting game app that is simple to operate but highly addictive, and you can play it over and over again. The content is to break the glass of an obstacle with a silver ball in a beautiful graphic world.

The sound and graphics when the glass breaks are very good and it is extremely refreshing.

There are many variations of obstacles, so you won’t get bored no matter how many times you try. Be careful of lack of sleep.

Most addicting iPhone games Angry Birds 2


Fly an angry bird with a slingshot and repel the hated pig! It is a physics puzzle that has gained popularity all over the world. The moment you annihilate the pig while collapsing the stage is refreshing. You can enjoy the aesthetics of destruction.

Lost Tracks Lost Tracks



Lost Tracks is a game app made by Danish CG professional students. It is an RPG format that travels through the fantasy world (spiritual world) of a boy named “Low”, the main character .

The world view is beautiful, the music is somewhat sad, and I am very drawn to playing. Earphones are essential if you want to play on the go, as you can rely on the sound to find the direction you want to go. You can clear it in less than 30 minutes, so I recommend you to play with it.

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