gta 5 online gunrunning

gta 5 online gunrunning guide – new weapons, vehicles, operations, bases, how to access

gta 5 online gunrunning is the eighteenth major update released for the MMO Grand Theft Auto Online . On the other hand, the “Arms Trade” update is one of the few that will increase the character’s firepower and provide new opportunities for experimentation.

Two new bases await you in the GTA Online Gunrunning update, one of which is a compact mobile truck. There are also a lot of weapons, new operations, etc.

On this page we tried to collect the most detailed information on the update!

How to Access gta 5 online gunrunning Content and New Missions

First, you need to become either the CEO or the president of the biker club, or a VIP in Grand Theft Auto Online. Then buy an underground bunker in the Gran Senora Desert. A cheaper version is available in Paleto Forest for $ 1,165,000, and a more expensive version is available at the Farmhouse location for $ 2,375,000. Any of these bunkers will be used as a base for new operations in the Arms Trade update.

Once done, go to the laptop located in the bunker you just purchased and access the Disruption Logistics website. Through the site, you can replenish and sell weapons obtained through business ventures, as well as manage bunker personnel and complete Gunrunning missions.

gta 5 online gunrunning missions are divided into three categories:

  1. ” Setup ” are free tasks and are used to get the personnel that will be needed in production.
  2. ” Procurement ” – These assignments are the main way of obtaining supplies after recruiting. You can either buy it all, or complete these free missions, saving money.
  3. ” Sale ” – associated with unloading products and making a lot of money. They differ in complexity based on the number of gamers you have and the number of weapons and

The arms trade begins in GTA Online

This update invites gamers to become a gun baron in Los Santos and Blaine County by purchasing a bunker – an underground bastion where they will run all their affairs. To start completing the corresponding missions, you must be the boss, chief or president of the motorcycle club. If you want to expand your field of activity, you can place a mobile command post in the bunker. These massive wheeled fortresses are featured in the Warstock Cache and Carry catalog and can also be modified.

Six weapon-equipped vehicles have been added to GTA Online: an armored personnel carrier, a lightweight Dune FAV armored buggy, a Half-Track truck, an Oppressor jet-powered hyperbike, a Tampa muscle car with a minigun, and an air defense trailer. Also, gamers are waiting for numerous MK II modifications, new clothing items, tattoos and haircuts.

gta 5 online gunrunning: Arms Trade

The Arms Trade update was installed on GTA Online servers on PC for a long time, but people still have questions about various points related to the DLC. This article contains all the useful material that will help you understand all the main mechanics of this update.

So, the Arms Trade (or Gunrunning) update was released with the aim of giving players access to the black market and producing firearms to wage wars in GTA Online. It all starts after you buy your bunker, which serves as a base with a digital terminal located there. Through it you will perform all operations by connecting to the Disruption Logistics network.

When you become the head of the motorcycle club, assign employees to different segments of the weapons production. Gradually, the supply of products will be replenished, reaching the point where the player can begin to distribute it throughout the territory of Los Santos. In the bunker, you will have access to great functionality:

  • Weapon cabinets;
  • Personal storage room;
  • Shooting gallery in which you can arrange competitions with 3 players;
  • Mobile base.

The latter is a real fortress on wheels, which will allow you to transport your property from place to place if you suddenly feel danger. The truck is equipped with powerful protection and can accommodate three modules for various purposes (garage, armory, and so on).


With the installation of the Arms Trade update in gta 5 online gunrunning, players have the opportunity to purchase a mobile vehicle with a cannon. The presence of this “argument” will allow you to profitably solve any problems with other gangs of Los Santos.

While exploring vehicles with weapons, you can find 6 different types of vehicles:


A fast bike that can fly! The model is equipped with retractable wings and a powerful engine that accelerates this “iron horse” and allows you to soar at high speed. On the front part, you can install a rapid-fire machine gun or rockets, which lose to the first in the number of charges, but win because of their high accuracy.

2.Dune FAV.

An armored buggy designed for cross country racing. Agile, fast and incredibly beautiful! Available killing modules include a minigun, a grenade launcher, and mines.


A powerful car that is not easy to catch up with. Despite its simple appearance, Tampa can be a serious adversary to anyone who underestimates her. And all due to the fact that this baby can be equipped with a rear grenade launcher, front missiles and mines, as an appendage.


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