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gta 5 online action figures all100 hidden places

gta 5 online action figures Collection (Action Figures Collected)

All 100 places and 6 rewards are released at once!

It completely covers information about the new action figure collection in the update of September 5, 2019 (Thursday). By all means, please refer to it when collecting action figures.

If the site is a little heavy because there are a lot of images, It is Sumimasen.

Request for collecting gta 5 online action figures

Look, I don’t think you know me, but Lester gave me your contact information. I’m doing a hardcore comic store in Eclipse, and last night the enemy stole all my new action figures. I sent my Life Invaders emergency settings to say,, laugh, look for it for the life, so when I went to the police, I was laughed off. Anyway, will you find it all? If you find me, I’ll thank you.

You will receive an email from the picture above the first time you log in online after the update on Thursday, September 5, 2019. Because it is sent only once, please refer to the person who overlooked it.

Six rewards for collecting gta 5 online action figures

Six Rewards

  1. Each time you collect an action figure, you’ll get 1,000 dollars.
  2. If you collect all 100 pieces, you will receive a special reward of USD 50,000.
  3. “Impoman Costume” will be released.
  4. “Impoman Hairstyle” is released.
  5. Eight types of figures can be decorated in a penthouse.
  6. You will now be able to select the Impoman style in Director mode.

gta5 online

Points to collect

Points to collect

  • There are 100 in total.
  • It can also be collected in invitation-only sessions.
  • No.99 and No.100 appear when you collect 98 pieces.
  • No.99 and No.100 reproduce the scene of “Beast vs. Thrasher” in director mode.

There’s a total of 100 gta 5 online action figures

Action figures are hidden in 100 places in all. The type of action figure itself has become only the following eight types in all.

  1. Impoman (disambiguation)
  2. Princess Robot Bubblegum
  3. Captain
  4. Space Sentai
  5. Beast
  6. Alien
  7. Pogo
  8. Monster



Collected in invitation-only sessions.

Figure collection can also be collected in invitation-only sessions, crew-only sessions, etc. If you don’t want to be disturbed by other players, use an invitation-only session.

Of course, collecting in passive mode won’t get in the way, but using opsor Mk.2 or jetpack thrusters, which are useful for collecting and collecting, will remove passive mode.

No.99 and No.100 appear when you collect 98 pieces

The place where the action figure introduced on this page is hidden, until No.1 to No.98, may be collected in any order. (However, because it is arranged so that it is easy to collect as much as possible, it is more efficient to collect them in order.) 

No.99 and No.100 reproduce the scene of “Beast vs. Thrasher” in Director mode

I’ll go into more detail, but if you complete Cactus Collection (Peyote), you’ll be able to use the Thrasher in Director mode. Using the thrasher, when you go to the disposal site of the airplane, the weather changes and the match against the Beast begins.

The placement of hidden locations of No.99 and No.100 action figures is directing the scene.

All 100 maps




1 Los Santos Intl. Inside the locker in the locker room of devin Weston’s warehouse.
2 Cerstenberg Hotel Los Santos On a stone sign opposite the northeast entrance.
3 400 wharf On the shelf in the office to put inside.
4 Bugstars (film) On top of the tool cabinet inside.
5 Royal Port of Los Santos On the desk in the pass.
6 Elbro Heights In an abandoned bus.
7 Elbro Heights Inside the five earthen pipes.
8 Cypress Flats On top of the electric cabinet of the trailer dedicated loading and unloading entrance of the warehouse.
9 Rancho Tower The right side of the object.
10 LTD Davis On top of the safe in the employee’s office.
11 Chamberlain Hills Inside the kennel.
12 Rancho On the top of the flush of the public toilet.
13 Strawberry Under the highway.
14 Cimittary (disambiguation) The side of the fabric which is standing up. It’s on the ground.
15 La Mesa Inside the worker’s field office.
16 La Mesa In the bucket.
17 Elbro Heights Fire Department On the shelf inside the fire station.
18 Miller Park On the top of the flush of the public toilet.
19 Lost’s Hideout Inside the open garage.
20 EastBinewood A place that enters from the Los Santos River and is lined with valves.
21 Pirbox Hill 20 Proceed as it is on the outrigger of the high-level work car of the station under construction.
22 Burton (Metro-North station) On the bench.
23 Arcadias Business Center Outdoor Monuments.
24 May’s Bank Tower On top of the fountain.
25 LTD Little Soul On the desk in the employee’s office.
26 Bespucci Canal The root of the ProLaps sign.
27 Bespucci Canal On the pier of the canal.
28 Bespucci Beach In the mouth of a shark.
29 Delperopia (disambiguation) In the Recycle Bin.
30 Delpero Beach On the hand sign of the watch cabin.
31 Church of Hill Valley In front of the grave. It is with the bouquet.
32 Up and Atom Burger Del Pero Plaza Upstairs on the table.
33 Richard Zumajestic Studio Inside the trailer house.
34 Chaps Near the back entrance.
35 Miss T Downtown Vinewood The top of the stairs outside the back.
36 Hardcore Comics Store On the signboard. I climb from the shop next door.
37 Westbine Wood Next to the plant in the hallway in the building.
38 Rockford Hills, New York A place like an altar in the back of a tennis court.
39 Richman Mansion In the cave.
40 Los Santos Golf Club The first place out of the 6th hole.
41 Colt’s Center Above the fountain in the center.
42 Richman (disambiguation) On the bench on the balcony on the second floor.
43 Parsons Rehabilitation Center On top of the light in the garden.
44 Vinewood Hills, New York On top of the playground equipment in the park.
45 Lord of the Vinewood Reservoir On the sofa of the building without the door of the mansion.
46 Vinewood Reservoir On the hand of the watchtower.
47 Vinewood Bowl Four blocks from the right with the stage of the audience seat on the back, and on the bench of the second block from the front.
48 Vinewood Sign On top of the “N”.
49 Lafente Blanca On top of the outdoor kitchen where you can play putter golf.
50 Randact Dam Next to the locker in the dam. You can get down by stairs.
51 Noose On the signboard at the front entrance.
52 24-7 Tadabiam Track Spot On the desk in the employee’s office.
53 Perm Taylor Power Plant Switching Station On the machine in the track switching place.
54 Grand Senora In front of the kennel.
55 The factory across from the Redwood Light Truck On a two-stage shelf outside the warehouse.
56 Grand Senora In front of the Recycle Bin.
57 Big Juice Stands On top of the counter.
58 Great Chaparel On the shelf at the entrance of the mine.
59 Whitewater Activity Center On the canoe on the lower floor.
60 Pacific Bluffs Country Center Above the counter of the outdoor pool shop.
61 Rob’s Liquor Store Bannham Canyon In front of the safe.
62 24-7 Chumash In front of the trash can outside.
63 Long-Oil Route 68 On top of the ice box outside.
64 Marlowe Vineyards In front of the entrance.
65 Fort Zankood The back of the monument stone monument.
66 Hill Valley Church Great Chapterl on the snout of the cemetery.
67 Harmony The connecting part of the trailer house.
68 Los Santos Custom No.3 On the desk in the office.
69 Bowling Broke Inside the second tower, countercer timewise from the entrance.
70 Sandy Coast Inside the control tower.
71 Sandy Coast Inside the glass at the entrance of the building.
72 Ace Liquor Store In the back yard. On top of the goods.
73 Grand Senora on the steering of an abandoned ship.
74 Stub City (disambiguation) On top of the toilet of a building without a roof.
75 Fort Zankood In the Recycle Bin.
76 Fort Zankood I’m stuck in a pipe in the middle of the reservoir.
77 Hawkey’s Inside the outdoor toilet.
78 Palet Cove On the wood in front of the hut on a remote island.
79 Bayview Lodge The foot of a big statue.
80 Palet Forest Lumber On top of the accumulated earth and sand inside.
81 Cults In the middle of a cliff. Yellow paint is a landmark.
82 Mount Chiriad The top of the stairs in the middle of the tunnel.
83 Parlor Springs Air Tramway Inside the Chiriad Mountain Side Building.
84 Palet Bay In the Recycle Bin.
85 Cruckinbel Factory On the shutter of the large trailer loading and unloading entrance.
86 Palet Bay In the drain pipe from the mountains of Procopio Beach.
87 Mount Chiriad On the sofa.
88 Mount Chiriad On the sofa in front of the house in the cannabis field.
89 Grape Seed Supermarkets I entered the glass break, and it was in the vending machine of water.
90 Galalia, Piedmont In the float outside the Mirror’s Boat Shop.
91 Grape Seed (disambiguation) In front of the entrance.
92 House of Earthra In front of the kennel in the back.
93 Cape Catfish On the pile of the house near the car where the field springs.
94 Saint-Chianskiy Mountains Top of the shelf inside the cabin at the end of the sideline.
95 Grape Seed (disambiguation) Next to the doll in front of the house in mode.
96 Beam Me Up On top of the car.
97 Hughmaine Institute Inside the U of the signboard.
98 Davis Quartz (disambiguation) On the desk in the building of the side line switching point.
99 Thomson Scrap Yard 99 or less appearance conditions must collect the other 98. We need helicopters and other things that can fly in the sky. On a scrapped plane.
100 Thomson Scrap Yard Inside the entrance on the cockpit side.

in the locker room in the airplane hangar


the back of the stone plate of [Crastenburg]


on the tongue in the store of the gas station


on the cabinet in the warehouse of [BUGSTARS]


in the personal computer of the monitoring room at the entrance of the port of Los Santos


in the battered bus under the tin roof of the rain


near the earthen pipe under the tin roof of the rain


behind the freight car car where the car in the place where it went to the back through the left side of the building of the amunation (weapon shop) was cut off



on the foundation of stone art


on the safe of the office in the store of the gas station


About the implementation of the “action figure”

In addition, the owner of a hardcore comic store has stolen 100 rare new gta 5 online action figures by a bad-looking rival, and, needless to say, is trying to get it back. By collecting each figure, you can earn GTA money and RP bonuses, but if you can return them all together, you may get a special reward. Check out iFruit to make sure you don’t miss a message notifying you of the details.

About [ActionFigure] 99th and 100th

[gta 5 online action figures ] and [Impoman Costume] (& Hairstyle) implemented in [GTA Online] These two are rewards that you can get to collect all 100 action figures. (Figures can be placed free of charge in the penthouse.) )
When you collect the other 98 figures, the 99th and 100th (Wolf and Bigfoot) will appear in the scrap field of the airplane.
After collecting 100 action figures, go to the Hardcore Comic Store in West Vinewood and get the information you can get rewards from all free rewarded sites[ Search in Google ]

Action Figures

Along with the Gauntlet Hellfire, which was added on September 5, “The owner of a hardcore comic store has stolen 100 rare new action figures by a bad rival and, needless to say, is trying to get it back. The collection business of searching for the stolen figure of this shop (from the social club) from the map has been added. If you get one gta 5 online action figures , you’ll get 1000 dollars.
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