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talk about Cheats Of Video And Pc Games In this page, we will explain what a cheat is, as well as examples of cheats and damage.

I have heard somehow, but those who do not know in detail, those who have searched to hear this word for the first time, to those who have done cheat acts in the past, cheat act that there is a possibility that you will become a perpetrator before you know it. It shouldn’t hurt to know.

So first of all, what is cheat?

a cheat is a cheat act in which you cheat the other person to gain or gain the upper hand.

Mainly, by fraudulently modifying the data and programs of online games and pc games, or to level up your character to the maximum in an instant, or to increase the items and money on the game, even if it is difficult just to play the game normally, by tampering with the game data and programs, it is to advance the game advantageously or to win alone.

The person who is doing the cheat act is called a “cheetah”.

In recent years, smartphone games have also become targets of cheats, and young people’s “cheat contamination” has become a problem.

It is easy to think in the same sense as “modification” in order to modify data and programs, but “modification” is distinguished as MOD (mod) when the modification of the data and the operation situation are placed on the weight.

1. To the strongest character on hand in the cheat act


The act of tampering with a character’s status data to an odd value by cheating, and promoting the game advantageously. The act of tampering with the status by illegally modifying data and programs so that any enemy can defeat it with a single blow, such as speeding up the progress of the game and the character’s walking speed as quickly as possible, or not taking damage no matter how much the enemy attacks it.

2. Use paid items free of charge in a cheat act


In the real game world, the act of allowing paid items to be used for free, by cheating. You can also make it possible to have items that you do not have. Items that can not be purchased unless you charge, just hit the button in a row, such as to grow infinitely.

3. Disguise the result of the game in a cheat act


The act of changing the value of memory to disguise the result, progress, etc. of the game.

It can peek into parameters deployed in memory, intentionally destroy games, destroy game balance, hack servers, etc.

I don’t know, those in the position of the game management company, of course, cheat act is an unforgivable act from the point of view of one game player.

“Cheat Engine” Cheats Of Video And Pc Games that allows you to use cheats that speed up or change value in Windows games


There are times when you want to change the game progress speed of your computer freely or change the status to make the game go smoothly.
This is called a cheat, but it is an act that is mainly used to make the progress of the game easier.

There are multiple cheat tools, and some people don’t know which one is the easiest to use.

This time, I would like to introduce a Cheat Engine that anyone can easily change the speed hack and value.

The Cheat Engine features an easy-to-read menu and ease of use among a number of cheat tools, a cheat tool that you can easily use if you have a good understanding of the basic things.
Although it is not official, it can also be used in Japanese, so you don’t have to hesitate to operate it.

Various Cheats

Simulations and  Cheats 

If you Cheats Of Video And Pc Games on a computer simulation that includes a simulation game, of course the result of the calculation is different from what the simulation producer intended. Although it is a computer game of the character that the user participates in the phenomenon in the form of operating a specific element to a certain assumed phenomenon in the simulation game, and enjoys the change of the result, in the cheat act on the simulation, even the element that the user cannot change originally (beyond the category intended by the producer) since it becomes possible to operate, it is critically recognized in the lover muscle. On the other hand, the simulation process is difficult, and there is a desire to give priority to seeing only the result such as the ending rather than the game process. Also, if you don’t feel the response to the game, you may dare to give the player a handicap and cheat to increase the difficulty.

In the case of offline (single play), it is not often that the copyright source (manufacturer) sues the user who performed such an operation unless it is distributed to a third party, etc. The reason is that, as mentioned above, there is also an interpretation that “if it is offline, it is not a problem to use it at the user’s own risk, and the developer (developer) may not be responsible in the unlikely event of an uninsinked defect”, or “cracking a program that has been licensed legitimately at your own risk will not affect others” In addition, there is little possibility that the licensee may know the fact of the remodeling to crack down. In addition, there is a case where the manufacturer himself has implemented the cheat mode, etc. described later as “enjoy”.

“Cheats Of Video And Pc Games” on the computer

The following “computer-side cheats” differ greatly in that they are intended to be incorporated into the program by the producer, rather than the “unintentional external technical operation of the producer” described elsewise. The computer side which competes with the player, so to speak, the method of the algorithm design which controls the thinking of the virtual player has been done to compensate for the “weakness” of this algorithm elsely from the time when the method of the algorithm design has not been established yet or entered by the limit of the capacity.

Specifically, a crude algorithm such as suddenly determining the victory of the computer side by pseudo-random number was seen in the mahjong match computer game for a while from the 1980s. For example, the computer side secretly swings the ball, and if it hits, it wins the mahjong game unconditionally regardless of the state of the axe. Fans of mahjong games called these game systems “Ikasama” because some of the games took a play fee, and there were games where computers were able to play roles that would not normally be established, such as full roles. Later, when hardware performance and program thinking routines improved, a mahjong game called “No Ikasama” appeared.

And since 2000, when your computer’s performance has improved to a different level, you can also provide relief measures, such as making items fun to play when players lose, or weakening enemy characters.

These are techniques to adjust the difficulty level of the game, but there will be a certain unfairness between the player side and the computer side, because it becomes a technique to increase it as you do, because there is a possibility of lowering the difficulty rather than if it is too bad, it is considered a problem to the player.

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